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Selfcare time in 3. To ensure that your skin always receives the ideal treatment we have nestled our most beloved and cherished crystals into one accessible tool. The face roller features detachable heads adorned with rose quartz, jade and amethyst crystals that can be used to target the different zones of your body and impart its metaphysical properties while you are rolling. Relax your forehead, let the weight drop from your shoulders and soothe ur under eyes without spending beyond your limits and jump on the self-care train with just one ultra-chic good looking tool. We created this wand to speak to your inner self and release all that is stuck to restore balance and vitality.


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With 3 in one soothing facial roller, you may experience the ultimate at-home facial and get radiant, glowing skin. The roller has interchangeable heads of three distinct crystals rose quartz, jade and amethyst which work synergistically to promote circulation, lymphatic drainage, puffiness and skin inflammation.

Rose quartz- Rose quartz is the stone of love and carries an aura of peace, warmth, compassion and self soothe.Rose quartz ids are ideal for cell turnover, lines and wrinkles and tired skin. Crafted in a spherical shape to roll away stubborn fat from the face, neck and shoulders.

Jade – Jade crystal is an amulet of luck, harmony and abundance. Jade soothes and calms irritated skin and reduces swelling and puffiness. It is ideal for blemishes, dark circles and skin immunity. The small jade head is crafted to melt aways tension and lines in the clavicle, nose, lips, chin, forehead and under-eye.

Amethyst- the crystal of transformation, peace, and protection. Amethyst calms inflammation, tightens skin and rejuvenates brightness. The amethyst head is crafted to reduce inflammation and acne on your face, jaw and neck and combat dullness.

Direction to Use: 

Before using the Lamina Care 3 in 1 facial roller make sure that you have cleansed it under running water & if possible keep it in freezer for half an hour before using it for added benefit.

-Cleanse your face thoroughly using Glow Dust facial scrub & complete your skincare routine, make sure to apply your preferred facial cream/oil (use DLR Facial Oil for best results) on your face so that the roller glides smoothly without causing any friction on your face.

-Begin facial rolling in the middle of the face and roll outward.- Move roller across cheeks, jawbone, and chin, working with small, short strokes.

-Move back up to roll above the eyebrows and on forehead, keep an outward Motion. -Finish by moving back down toward the neck and rolling outward towards the sides of the neck.

-Apply moderate pressure on the tool & use enough pressure that you feel you’re working your face muscles, but not so much that it hurts.

-Clean after each use with soap and water: pat dry with towel.

-To switch out roller heads, simply unscrew the current crystal head and screw on desired crystal head to roller base.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in


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Lamina Care - 3 in 1 Facial Roller