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Touted as a perfect companion for the journey of self-discovery, beauty and harmony. Reflection – the weekly planner is a powerful tool that helps you to pause your life from all the other activities and take time to look within. It is mindfully crafted in brown hue as it evokes harmony, beauty, and calmness according to feng-shui while the texture of the cover Is sumptuous and plush against the skin. The pages of the planner have an aesthetically soothing beige tone that combats burnouts and help in reflecting on your mindful goals, habit tracking self-care routines, daily journaling or goal setting. Hands down, give this to your loved one or own it and be your therapist.

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Reflection -by Lamina care is here to de-clutter your minds and desks. An uncomplicated, comprehensible weekly planner that reminds you to not be too hard on yourself and most importantly make each day of the week a productive one. This Planner comes with rose gold metallic accents and is bound together by rose gold wiro enhancing the book and feel of the planner. Sectioned from Monday to Saturday to reflect on your agendas and goals – one pen stroke at a time. This chic planner gives you a valid sense of accomplishment when you scratch out the lats of your Check list. A blank canvas of To-do list allows you to do whatever makes your heart happy, be it, doodling, journaling and finding beauty and harmony in little things

  • This Portable companion is a safe space for all your feelings & thought
  • A tool to help you jot down your self-care routines, be it tracking your exercise, daily water intake, spa, reading book or meditating
  • Right space to pen down inspirational quotes, gratitude logs and daily affirmations
  • Planning & organizing have been proved to combat stress and anxiety
  • Let yourself loose and ink this precious little book by Lamina Care, a brand that time and again talks about the importance of self-care.

  • Features: 6 x 8 inch , 52 75 gsm leafs , Lasts entire Year if used per week, 2 sides to plan a week, To do List, Checklist, Notes, Monday to Saturday section (skip Sunday for going with the Flow)

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4 reviews for Lamina Care – Reflection Weekly Planner

  1. Khushi

    Reflection planner is absolutely gorgeous & very useful.

  2. Kirti Dua

    The planner reached on time, was packed well, The packaging was eco-friendly. Apart from that the weekly planner is so beautiful & luxe, amazing at this price.

  3. Mintu

    Got this as a gift on Rakhi. as a student I find it extremely useful.

  4. Swara jain

    Love the simple design and soothing colors.

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Lamina Care - Reflection Weekly Planner